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How to reach the Conference venue

The closest airports to the city of Padua are: the international airport of Venezia-Marco Polowhich is about 50 km far from the city (well connected by highway A4, trains from the station of Venezia Mestre and shuttle number 015); the international airport of Treviso-A. Canova, which is about 60 km far from the city (well conencted by huighway A4, trains from the station Treviso or direct shuttle to Padova train station); the international airport of Verona-Villafranca Valerio Catullo, which is about 95 km far from the city (connected by highway A4).

Padua is well conencted as well by the Italian Highway Network with different exits: Highway Milano-Venezia (A4) – with exit in Padua West; Highway Bologna Padova (A13) – with exit in Padua South.


By train, Padua is reachable from all the main Italian Cities thanks to the national service All trains arrive in the main central station of Padua, located in Piazzale Stazione 1. Check the website to find time schedule and buy tickets.


 Conference venues: some information

Palazzo della Ragione   SEPTEMBER 20TH, LIGHT LUNCH

The Palazzo della Ragione was built in 1218 and it was used as palace of justice until 1797. The upper floor, called Salone, has one of the largest roof unsupported by columns in the world and it is decorated by a cycle of frescoes depicting astrological mediaeval theories.

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The Palazzo Bo is the historical seat of University of Padua. Moreover, it holds the most ancient anatomical theatre in the world. On your way to the Aula Magna you will cross the cortile antico and the Hall of the Forty with the Galileo Galilei’s cathedra.

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The Orto Botanico was founded in 1545 and devoted to the growth of medicinal plants. Inside the garden, that covers roughly 22,000 square meters, 3500 different vegetal species can be found. In 1997 it has been inscribed on the world heritage list as a cultural good.

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Department of Economics and Management (Tower C3)


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