The Italian Society of Public Economics (SIEP) announces its XXX Annual Conference, to be held in Padova, Italy, on September 20th and 21st, 2018. The general theme of the Conference is

“Global structural changes and government challenges”


During the 20th century, the economic role of the government had substantially widened in all countries. In the 1970s and 1980s, government policies had been criticized because of inefficiencies and macroeconomic instability they introduce in the functioning of markets, dampening economic growth. However, in the last thirty years, research has significantly advanced our understanding of the way asymmetric information, incomplete contracts, and incomplete markets cause serious malfunctioning of market economies. The experience of government interventions to face the worst effects of economic and financial crises in late 20th century and early 21st century (e.g., the Great Recession) as well as successful development cases call for a reconsideration of State and market failures.

While pure ideological battles seem to fade away, there is a growing consensus that markets and governments are imperfect institutions and the main focus of research and policy-making should be the identification of the most appropriate forms of government intervention. Under this perspective, the relationship between governments and private agents can be more fruitfully analysed in terms of partnership. Moreover, the new global challenges (e.g. climate change, environmental crises, aging and migrations, technological change, socio-political conflicts) call for stronger partnerships also within the government sector – among local, national, and international institutions – to pursue a consensual review of the rules that regulate the functioning of national and global markets – e.g., competition policy, trade policy, industrial policy, financial stability policy.

In many fields, public-private partnerships as well as public-public partnership are seen as crucial and flexible instruments to face global technological, environmental, demographic, and socio-political changes.

A list of topics for the Conference is the following:

  1. Structure, Scope, and Performance of Government
  2. Publicly Provided Goods • Optimal Taxation • Redistributive Effects
  3. Asymmetric and Private Information • Economics of Public-Private Contracts • Mechanism Design
  4. Public Policy Evaluations • Econometrics of Games and Auctions
  5. Market Structure, Pricing, and Design • Economics of Regulation • Antitrust Issues and Policies
  6. Public Choice and Political Economy
  7. Social Relationships, Informal Services and Social Public Policies (e.g., health, old age, child care, etc.)
  8. Role of Supranational Governments • Reform of EU institutions • Fiscal Competition and International Tax Coordination
  9. Externalities • Environmental Taxes and Subsidies • Climate Change Agreements and Regulations
  10. Migration Policies
  11. Innovation Policies

Papers on issues that do not fall within the main topic of the Conference will also be considered for submission.

The keynote speaker of the Conference will be David Martimort (Paris School of Economics).

The Scientific Committee of the Conference is chaired by Bruno Bises (Università Roma Tre), Luciano Greco (Università di Padova & CRIEP) and Leonzio Rizzo (Università di Ferrara & IEB) and composed by scholars who kindly accepted to collaborate to select papers and organize contributed sessions in special areas: Massimo Baldini (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Marco Bertoni (Università di Padova), Martina Celidoni (Università di Padova & CRIEP), Renato Cogno (IRES Piemonte), Antonio Dal Bianco (Eupolis Lombardia), Massimiliano Ferraresi (JRC – Commissione europea), Umberto Galmarini (Università dell’Insubria), Angelo Grasso (IPRES Puglia), Patrizia Lattarulo (IRPET Toscana), Luca Micheletto (Università di Milano), Giuseppe Migali (Università di Catanzaro & University of Lancaster), Maria Teresa Monteduro (Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze), Luigi Moretti (Université Paris 1-Sorbonne), Eugenio Peluso (Università di Verona), Paolo Pertile (Università di Verona & CRIEP), Cecilia Testa (University of Nottingham), Pietro Tommasino (Banca d'Italia).

Contributors must submit their papers before May 20th 2018 through the following link:

Submitted papers should include abstract, JEL codes and keywords.

The Scientific Committee will inform authors about the acceptance of papers by June 10th, 2018. Presenting authors of accepted papers need to register to the Conference before July 9th, 2018. In order to register to the Conference, participants have to pay the SIEP association and participation fee.

Young authors may benefit of a waiver on SIEP association and participation fee and register to the Conference for free by attaching to the submitted paper a declaration of their PhD supervisor certifying that they are doctoral students or obtained their doctoral degree after January 1st, 2017. Upon acceptance, a selected number of young authors will be notified by the Scientific Committee whether their paper is included in sessions of the Conference with thorough review and discussion by highly qualified scholars in the relevant research area.

Registration form and fee payment instructions will be available at the following link:

The final program of the Conference will be posted by July 20th, 2018. The submission of a paper implies the acceptance to discuss other papers presented at the Conference. Final papers should be submitted to the previous link (as an update of the early submission) by September 1st, 2018.

The 2018 edition of the SIEP prize is open to authors under the age of thirty-five. All authors of the paper must satisfy this requirement. To compete for the prize, authors must declare their intention at the time of submission or registration.

The Conference will also host the granting of the Etta Chiuri prize: this prize is reserved to economists under forty years of age who have submitted papers on household decision-making process, housing market imperfections, illegal migration. All the details about the prize will be available at:


SIEP members are invited to circulate the call for papers to all potentially interested colleagues. Further announcements about the Conference will be published on the SIEP website:


Michele Bernasconi

SIEP President